For those of you that have not already seen it, here is the link to our Lori/Pongal festivities.
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Highlights Of Today's Events
  1. C4 students led assembly this morning along wiht Anika, Riya, Divya, Amisha and Vaishnavi.
  2. Praveen uncle explained the importance of Chapter 12 of the Geeta. Mukesh uncle discussed Maha Shivratri with the kids.
  3. Leadership team kicked off Mela 2018 discussions.
Upcoming Events
Feb 18President's Day
Feb 2509:30-09:45: C3 Lead Prayers
Spirit Day
Mar 409:30-09:45: C2 Lead Prayers
09:50-10:00: Presentation H3
Mar 1109:30-09:45: C1 Lead Prayers
10:00-10:45: Open House
Mar 1809:50-10:00: Presentation GI6
Mar 2509:50-10:00: Presentation HI4
Spirit Day
Apr 1Spring Break
Apr 8
02/11 H3
Samriti Duggal, Mona Govilla, Niti Jatkar, Mann Pandya

Feb 12th 


Today students learned the names of relatives from the mom's and dad's side of the family. After that, they read some simple sentences in Hindi.


HW: Each student is assigned a National Symbol (Example: National Bird of India etc.). Students must research their National symbol and write 4 to 5 sentences in English. After they do that, email their sentences to Niti Jatkar this week. 

02/11 GI6
Malini Joshi, Sejal Mehta, Dinesh Patel, Raghavi Patel, Devak Patel

1. We took the midterm today

1. Write a paragraph in gujarati on the assigned topic, it will be used for the presentation (Topics were assigned randomly, except for prithu who finished first; those assigned two topics can pick which one they do)
  1. Taj Mahal - Prithu
  2. Ajanta Ellora - Dhruv
  3. Rashtrapati Bhavan - Shaila
  4. Golden Temple of Amritsar - Ayush
  5. Amarnath temple - Jay
  6. vrindavan garden - Isha
  7. Red fort - Armaan
  8. (Loc) line of control - Arpita
  9. Gateway of India - Jayak
  10. Palaces (Pick One) - Yana
  11. Forts (Pick One) - Shiven
  12. Desserts (Pick One) - Jayak
  13. Rivers(Pick One) - Prithu
  14. Mountains (Pick One) - Yana
Things to talk about:
  • Where is it?
  • What is the significance of it?
  • What is the story behind it?
We have off next week for presidents day weekend
Those who did not do the oral part will do it next class.
02/11 C3
Shanthy Nuti, Geetika Patel

This week we began learning about the Das Avatars of Lord Vishnu. We heard the stories of Matsya Avatar, Kurma Avatar, and Varaha Avatar.

02/11 C5
Gautam Khanna, Mohit Shah
Today we started our discussions on Sculptures of India. As usual, we started with the Indus Valley Civilization and traversed our way through the Mauryan Dynasty to the Gupta Dynasty. We identified various sculptures like the 'Dancing Girl of Mohenjo-Daro' and the Pillars of Ashoka.

We concluded our class by discussing the various sculptures in the Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad. Next week too we plan to extend our learning of the sculptures of India.
02/11 C7
Prasad Gaitonde, Savita Vashisth

3 minutes mindful breathing

We announced to the class the students who were selected as participants and alternates for the Quiz Bowl and briefly discussed some of the questions asked.  Thereafter it was a free forms session where we tried to get some of the more quiet students into sharing something they were interested in. Then students took turns posing quizes and riddles.

Next week, being the President's Day weekend, there will be no Vidyalaya.

02/11 C8
Navin Dembla, Sunila Gupta, Hina Jaggi

We continued the topic of Religion (origin of the word comes from Latin Re (back)- Legare (Bind/Join), meaning true purpose of any religion is join back with one-self. We discussed the difference between Science, Spirituality and Religion.